Accounts Payable Job Description and Education Requirements

The accounts payable job description will involve ensuring that a company’s creditors and suppliers are paid on time and done so accurately. Professionals in this position will complete tasks such as reconciling and processing invoices while also recording and verifying expenses. Depending on the employer, the accounts payable job description may or may not involve supervisory duties and responsibilities.

Accounts Payable Job Description for Entry Level Positions

The accounts payable job description will involve reviewing vendor invoices for accuracy and making the necessary changes before payment is submitted. During this process it will be necessary to calculate line item charges, tax identification numbers, taxes due and freight charges. After identifying and correcting invoice errors, the accounts payable clerk will generate checks through the automated clearing house or via web payments. Other duties for this position can include scheduling payments according to terms of the purchase contract, matching invoices to purchase orders and issuing a stop payment on any invoices that were inaccurate.

accounting programs

In some businesses professionals in this position will also perform accounts receivable duties which can involve invoicing clients and other parties who hold shares in the company. In this position, the accountant will generate company revenue by calculating payments that are due by sending out an invoice. It can also be necessary to send reminder notices for payments, process refunds, refer any delinquent accounts to a collection agency in order to resolve payment disputes and address insufficient payments.

Accountants in this field can post and verify accounts payable transactions in a general ledger while maintaining the account payable information in the ledger. Additionally, this position can require the allocation of expenses to accounts and cost centers, evaluating and generating expense reports and make a closing entry at the end of an accounting period. They can also report sales taxes to a government agency, send W-9 forms to vendors, record petty cash amounts that are issued, and create a line of credit for vendors.

Job Skills Necessary to the Accounting Field

If the accountant works for a large company that has a number of branches, then they may work as a liaison between the main branch and the accounts payable department. Each day they will interact with other accounting employees or department heads in order to resolve any issues.

Maintaining confidentiality is necessary for this position. Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping principles, in addition to the ability to expand job awareness by pursuing any type of educational prospect, is also crucial to success in this field. The accounts payable job description will require the professional to have strong organizational, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. A high school diploma and associate’s degree are usually required for this position. Some employers will prefer accounting or bookkeeping experience in addition to the completion of related college level classes in specialized areas. Experience using accounting software programs is also a plus.

Why Even Small Businesses need a Payroll Service

Do you know that even the experienced and meticulous professionals sometimes find it hard to prepare the payroll especially for big businesses?  Most people with small businesses usually try to prepare the payroll on their own but this can give you headache and in fact you may commit several errors which in turn may affect your payroll. The preparation of the payroll should be handled by a professional because it is a very sensitive area that if poorly handled will affect the operations of your business.

The payroll service system is known to be one of the most valuable and attractive alternative that you can use to pay your employees and also in filling your tax forms. Some small businesses usually prefer using the in-house method of preparing their payroll because through this way they can be able to protect their wage information; it is cost effective as compared to the outsourcing method and also allows the owners of the company or business to maintain control over their payroll data. Here are some of the reasons why payroll preparation for your small business should be managed and prepared by only trusted specialists:

Payroll tax regulations

When you have a professional payroll service provider then you are able to manage your tax related issues with ease. Usually it is against the regulations of the federal government for one to withhold money from the pay checks in an improper way. Hiring or outsourcing a tax professional will enable to easily comply and also avoid trouble related to the paying of taxes.

It is cost effective

Outsourcing payroll services will enable you to reduce overheads because you will not hire an employee on a permanent basis to handle the payroll for you. This customized option is used by many people in the world today especially those with small businesses as it allows them to only pay for the time spent in preparing the payroll. It is only the big companies that need to hire a professional payroll service provider on a permanent basis because of the heavy workload. Payroll outsourcing is very common to small businesses and it assists in savings some money that could be used in doing other things.

Due date requirements

The payroll system assists you to pay your employees in your small business. Therefore you should ensure that you prepare the payroll on time so that you don’t delay the employees’ salaries because this will de-motivate them. Apart from paying the employees it also assist you in meeting and adhering to the local, state and federal regulations. The tax laws of today keeps changing from one year to the other and they differ from one nation to the other and therefore it is important for you to keep on reading these complex tax laws of the payroll. This also makes you to have up-to-date information hence not easy to skip the payment of taxes. Effective management of a small business is very important especially if you want to attain high profits and expand your business. For more information concerning payroll and taxes visit payroll services Australia.

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Want to Change Payroll Services? Here’s What to Expect

Accurate paychecks and in certain dates for your global workforce are necessary and if you would like to save cash on that you need to do what the globe is currently doing: payroll outsourcing.

Payroll services are a vital function of their business, but it is not their main focus. How to prevent this take the focus of what is most important to your business? As a large company, it has operations and employees in various countries around the world. That means you have to deal with an enormous amount of taxes, regulations and filing requirements that are constantly changing. When you do payroll services Australia you will never have these worries in mind anymore.

Learn how your business can make more and spend less

Payroll services Australia offer end-to-end activities necessary for the payment of its forces from active and retired work. The goal is to increase the satisfaction levels of leaders and employees and increase the transparency of global payroll reports also reducing administrative costs and error rates.

They are where you need them to be

The experts from payroll services Australia are the best in what they do, which means your payroll services will be done exactly as they should be done: with all care and responsibility that they really deserve. They process the hours of employees, take care of paperwork deduction and apply taxes properly on behalf of your company. The Payroll services provided also accompany global market changes and keep your company abreast of them to offer the most effective service available. You will never feel left out from the news from the market.

Services for Corporate Clients

Payroll services Australia  supports payroll to protect your biggest investment – your employees.

  • Time and attendance management services
  • ERP integration or time and attendance solution provided by the customer
  • Base salary, gross income calculation and adjustments in payment
  • Calculate amounts of encouragement and / or bonuses

Administration Gross-to-Net

  • Process voluntary and involuntary deductions
  • Attachments salary
  • Entry into ledger
  • Electronic distribution of net pay

Tax return

  • Reconcile amounts and report the customer financing requirements
  • Perform the required legal statement and complete the year-end processing

Audit and compliance

  • Comply with legal requirements and customers
  • Report and conducting processing
  • Offer online reporting capabilities and print or delivered statements of payment when the law requires
  • Print and deliver the required legal reports

Services for small and medium enterprises

The payroll service australia first line of resources for payroll services use tools, processes and standard technology to offer small and medium businesses the same level of quality and experience of our corporate clients. A “payroll factory” structured is a complete payroll solution that is currently available for companies from all over the world. The experts provide customers with the freedom not to suffer with generating a payroll needs by investing in payroll systems and complying with the requirements of reporting requirements. Do not spend time and effort focusing on the payroll if it is not your main focus.

What to Look For in Web-Based Payroll Services Software

What you need is a robust system that facilitates and streamlines all specific routines of Payroll services. In addition to being a complete system for all activities of the market, the system for payroll services that you need  has a modern system of formulas, which enables extensive flexibility of customizable calculations, allowing you to parameterize specific calculations with their reality.

Meet some features that you will definitely need in a web based payroll services software.

  • Calculate: down payment, monthly payroll, complementary and extra salary;
  • Specific calculation to cost centers;
  • Calculating individual holiday, class, batch, scheduled and holiday differences;
  • Calculation of severance and additional terminations;
  • Generates, controls and monitors automatically the information;
  • Generates information;
  • Issuing checks;
  • Several registration and handling reports;
  • Data extraction in various formats;
  • Issue of change of map;
  • Screen launches online;
  • Automated deployment of enterprise;
  • Import and generation of payroll loans return file;
  • Registration and generation of vouchers requests for file and food / meal;
  • Integration of supply and drives with the accounting module;
  • Integration of electronic information point;
  • Storage and issuing of PPP information;
  • Storage rates and calculating monetary adjustments;
  • Registration and control to launch installments events;
  • Report editor in full page, labels and row / column;
  • Registration and calculation of profit sharing;
  • Registration and processing of the private health care plan;
  • Schedule for automatic process;
  • Control plan for jobs and wages;
  • Registration and automatic generation of fixed launches;
  • Signup maintenance and generation of files for banks;
  • Registration and issuance of hours bank information;
  • Employees transfer mechanism between enterprises;
  • Control of wage changes;

Parameterization of employees is also important when it comes to payroll services Australia

The payroll services system should have all the necessary information for electronic registration of workers (electronic registration), self-employed (including carriers), directors, trainees, domestic and civil servants. Besides the already fixed fields in the system, the user can create auxiliary fields in the records of employees to control what you want, according to the particular needs and personal preferences. Visit us here if you need more help

Historical files of each employee are often forgotten, but essential

The system you hire should automatically stores the historical salaries, leases, trade unions, schedules, absences, functions, holidays and events.

Parameterization of wage changes

Wage changes can be made individually by INDEX (simple change or cascade), IN EXCHANGE BY FUNCTION AND FOR UNIONS. That is exactly what you need to make each day go smoother!

The bottom line

Ensure that you do plenty of research before hiring any web based company to do the payroll services for you. They are able to provide the best services and have everything you need in single web-based payroll service software. Contact them and know everything you can get for less cash. You will be able to focus on what truly matters in your company and not have to worry about payroll. Leave the hard work for those who are specialists in the matter and never have to worry about hiring, training or even dealing with payroll services related issues. Are you ready to change for the better?

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Enjoy Enhanced Control by Hiring Online Payroll Services

The concept of payroll outsourcing is quite simple: you will have another team of specialized professionals taking care of your payroll area. You will not have to worry about working on the topic, you will get the right services for less cash. You would definitely spend more cash having your own payroll professionals.

Payroll concept

The payroll services are made out of documents prepared by the company, in which it relates, in addition to the names of the employees, the amount of remuneration, discounts or rebates and the net amount that lives up each employee. The key to determining the ideal solution for payroll processing for your business is to be realistic about how much time and money you can devote to this task. Also, consider whether or not you have an employee in your accounting or human resources department with the knowledge and the time to devote to the payroll services. If a payroll system is not working for you, do not feel bound by it, just because that’s the way it was always done. It may take a few tries to find what works best!

Elements of Payroll

  • Simple as it is the payroll, it will present at least the following elements:
  • Gross amount of compensation (salary and other benefits);
  • Deductions of the gross remuneration (discounts and contributions);
  • Net amount that employees will be entitled to receive
  • Payroll Accounting

On the last day of the month, when it drafted the payroll, the accounting entries are made:

  • Expenditure on salaries;
  • Social charges on payroll (i.e. Social Security Contributions and the Guarantee Fund for Time of Service and more.)
  • Discharge of Payroll and Social Charges

That is what happens next!

The following month, the accounting entries are made settlement of the sheet, corresponding to the net amount paid to employees as well as the payment of Social Security contributions, taxes and other gatherings. Find out more in our post here.

What about income calculations?

Income or monthly to an employee benefits can be fixed salary compounds, commissions, overtime, night work, hazard pay, hazard pay, maternity pay (for pregnant women), wage family allowance, rest paid weekly, vacation.

How complex is your payroll service? That does not really matter when you are not the only dealing with it. Leave the hard work for the pros, If your payroll is quite complex – for example, if you have many employees with different pay bands and on different pay scales, possibly even with different insurance packages from which to choose, you can spend much time in processing payroll, and trying to keep up with the changes. This task may be better suited to a third party service payroll. However, make sure that you understand what is included in your basic fee, and what is considered an extra. Some companies include only the minimally necessary steps in processing payroll, and everything else is an extra charge. The best way to avoid this problem is to assemble a typical payroll of your company and then ask for a quote to a potential payrolls processing company – in this case you get the best with!

Why Small Businesses are Relying on Online Payroll Services

Wage payment processing can be one of the most complex tasks of any organization and that is why payroll outsourcing is such an attractive option. In addition to simply paying your employees, you must file taxes, submit reports and process the end of fiscal data for presentation purposes. To determine the best payroll system for your company, keep the following in mind:

What types of payroll systems are available? There are three basic types of payroll systems.

Manual system means that you, or another employee in your company, calculates the payroll each period entirely on paper. You will have to calculate taxes, insurance, and any other deductions applicable to each worker in addition to the effective yield. The advantage of using a manual system is that it is very cheap, virtually no upfront costs. The disadvantage is that you save on initial costs will probably be eaten by the amount of time it takes to process the payroll. In addition, it is very easy to make mistakes in manual processing, and the penalty for mistakes, especially tax mistakes can be very expensive, especially when you do the payroll service yourself. Find out more information here.

Another option

The second type of payroll system is computerized. Many companies offer computer software that will help you with payroll processing – together with payroll services Australia. You have to enter the data for each worker when he or she is hired, but after that, the software will automatically calculate taxes and other deductions. Most programs will also process forms for each employee at the end of the year, which can really save a lot of time. The advantages of this type of system are numerous – fewer potential mistakes and less time spent on payroll processing. In addition, the workers will be able to operate the system better because they are professionals in that field, so you will not need to depend on just one person to process the payroll.

You will never feel the fear of getting your payroll service wrong with payroll services Australia

The final type of payroll system is to use an external payroll services. Companies like payroll services Australia will process your payroll for you, including filing all required tax payments and generate year-end reports. Although this is the most expensive type of payroll systems, you can compensate in large companies, which could have to hire a full-time employee dedicated to payroll processing. A payroll service can also offer a direct deposit option for their employees, which is very popular. When you are researching payroll services, check what services they offer, and the reports they provide are useful to you. If not, see if they can customize their services to better meet your needs. Another important consideration is finding a payroll service that has warranty. This protects you from liability in case of loss of finances.

The bottom line

Check with potential payroll services to make sure that they will pay the applicable penalties for making mistakes in sending tax payments, and can process the salaries again and quickly if there are errors. The main disadvantage of this system, in addition to higher cost, is that security can be a problem if the payroll computer is on the same network from all other computers in your organization. To avoid this, you must have a computer that is used only for the payroll that can get online without using the same connection for other computers. Also, keep in mind that you will still have to pass on the payment information of employees in the service of payroll each pay period for payroll services Australia.

HR, Time Management, and Payroll Outsourcing Services

Human Resources (HR) is a fully integrated web-based solution designed to record and aid in monitoring all of your major HR functions including Performance Reviews, Benefits, Accidents, Training, Discipline and Vacation Planning, etc. Organizational rules and regulations regarding items such as discipline issues will be automatically monitored with manager warnings if action is required. The system also enables you to track and record skills and training with detailed history, reminders will prompt managers when retraining or skill improvement is required. The system provides accruals for a variety of scenarios including vacation, sick time and compensation time. Online employee vacation is requesting and manager planning / approvals will ensure proper labor coverage during peak vacation times.


Flexible Scheduling will allow you to create variable length schedules or staffing patterns based on the workload requirements you have within your organization. Daily, weekly or monthly updates can be performed as well as tracking employee attendance. Managers will be prompted to fill any empty shifts for employees who will not be able to work their regular schedule, reducing the chance of incomplete schedules. Employee seniority is managed, and the system will prompt Managers with the best person to fill the shift based on scheduling rules. Schedule creation can use employee availability to facilitate scheduling of your part-time or casual personnel. The electronic schedules will assist in managing sick days, vacation, absence, and holidays with detailed reports that will give you up to the minute information on a variety of different formats.

Time & Attendance

This system will allow your employees to enter electronically their hours worked from a computer, time clock, IPhone / IPad or other Smartphone no matter where your employee(s) are located. This saves time and reduces errors caused by manual data entry. Your managers and supervisors can review and approve hours worked in real time. User definable attendance policy management allows you to track issues including late, absent, vacation, sick, early departures, etc… Detailed historical and analytical reports give you up to the minute information on a variety of different formats. This system will enforce organizational rules, regulations, and policies for time and attendance including compliance for your union(s) collective agreements. Unlimited detailed settings concerning each potential set of hours and employee shifts that can be worked in your facility will be configured ensuring accurate calculation of regular time, overtime, premiums, lunch and break deductions, etc…


This system will give you access to payroll reports, regular hours worked, overtime hours worked, bonuses paid or incentives paid per employee, per department and per union. This system will provide remittance reports for Canada Revenue Agency, detailed reports for union deductions and remittances. This system will give your employees access to their own paystubs and their own hours worked. With this system, your managers will be able to approve, oversee and facilitate wages paid to your employees thru direct deposit payments. Managers will have access to all payroll related reports to assist in managing their departments.

We can only highlight some of the features of our HR, Time Management and Payroll system on our Web Site. To learn much more and to know how our system can improve the efficiency and bottom line of your organization, we would need time to show you our demo and to discuss with you what we can offer and how this can fit into the needs of your organization.

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What Is Online Payroll?

Put simply, Payroll is the total of all wages, compensation, and benefits received by your employees. Payroll includes employees paid hourly and those who are salaried. All compensation is calculated by multiplying pay wage by hours worked, and then categorizing and subtracting all standard deductions such as FICA, medical and dental insurance and tax deductions. The net balance is then distributed to the employee in the form of a check. All calculations are tallied annually for the fiscal year.

How Does Payroll Get Done?

These functions are performed either by an internal employee, an outside payroll firm or, increasingly, by an online payroll service. There are pros and cons to each method, so it’s important to evaluate your payroll needs and choose accordingly. Let’s take a look at those methods.

Internal Employee


  • Instant in-person access during the work day
  • No extra expense beyond salary


  • Additional salary to pay. As of 2010, the average annual mean wage for a Payroll Services Clerk was $36,720
  • Human work means the potential for human error. Approximately 40% of American small business are hit with IRS penalties averaging $845 annually.
  • Cross-training additional employees

Outside Payroll Firm


  • The work is performed by experts, ensuring accuracy and full compliance with all tax regulations


  • Expensive. Most brick and mortar payroll firms charge from $1 – $8 per document or more. For a small business, this can add up quickly.
  • Nobody on site for immediate assistance

Online Payroll Service


  • Online Payroll offers the best of both worlds: 24/7 access to a staff of experts without the overhead expense of a dedicated payroll employee in-house
  • Online Payroll provides instant access from anywhere – important in today’s mobile world
  • Online Payroll is more cost-effective than outsourcing to an outside payroll firm. An online payroll service offers a flat monthly fee, including such fees as tax filing, direct deposit, and/or paper checks and telephone and e-mail support


  • None that we’re aware of

What is Online Payroll?

With an online payroll service, all payroll functions are automated on a secure external site. Outsourcing payroll to an online payroll service means that the service performs the following functions for you automatically and securely:

  • Payroll Generation: The online payroll service calculates all wage figures for each employee, then deducts all taxes, benefits and other withholdings.
  • Paying Taxes: The online payroll service calculates all taxes owed to local, state and federal government according to all current tax regulations, ensuring that you will be in full compliance.
  • Filing: The online payroll service automatically files all forms with all appropriate tax offices. No more rifling through your drawers looking for a stamp.